Friday, June 17, 2011

Whale Wars

I watch the show from time to time. Mostly to watch the ecotards screw up. I agree with them on one count. I think that in this day and age, whaling is pointless and destructive. The point I'm getting to though, is I can't believe that the stuff they do to disrupt the whaling ships isn't considered terrorism or piracy. It seems to me that the whalers would be within their rights to fire upon these idiots. I'm surprised they haven't yet. They did run over the fancy greenpease trimaran last year. These folks only have one oar in the water.


  1. My husband watches this show. I agree that whaling is both unnecessary and downright stupid. The eating of whale meat and use of whale oil in products has dropped so much in Japan, the Japanese Government actually subsidizes the whaling industry on the grounds that whaling is part of the Japanese cultural identity and should be preserved! Then enter the ecotards - and the leader, Paul Whatshisname - he definitely has more ego than brains. Boy, does he like getting his face on camera to say something "significant". It is amazing to me that the Sea Shepherds haven't run into charges of piracy or terrorism, you are correct!

    On an unrelated note - I sent you an email...did you get it? :-)

  2. I don't see the email Maura, try sending again


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