Sunday, June 12, 2011

From the scholars at MSU (Making Shit Up)

I love documentaries, I also love a good mystery.  I watch shows like Ghost Hunters and right now, I'm watching Finding Bigfoot.

I got really aggravated tonight with that show.  One of the investigators who has supposedly been tracking Sasquatches for years said something that was so utterly ridiculous I was appalled and had to come here and rant about it.

The team had happened up on an old deer carcass that had been there a long time, as all that was left were bones.  One of the legs was broken, snapped off clean.  Some of the people in the investigation team were saying that the deer might have lost its footing and rolled down the hill, breaking its leg in the fall.

That of course seems logical and with scavengers disposing of the flesh, muscle and ligaments, the rest of the leg would be lord knows where.

The leader (for lack of a better term, the guy is a jackass who throws temper tantrums and refuses to listen to reason or admit that he fucks up) of the group has another theory and he says and I quote, though it's paraphrased, "This was done by a Squatch, This is exactly what a Squatch does.  They catch the deer and immediately break its leg.  This was definitely a Squatch's kill.  See that break, that had to be done by a twisting motion.  That's what a Squatch does."

This of course begs the question............   "HOW THE F*** DO YOU KNOW THAT EXACTLY? WE CAN'T EVEN PROVE THE BEASTS EXIST!"

This kind of "scientific" evidence analysis makes me crazy.  I see it all the time on other shows, especially shows on the behaviors of long extinct animals like dinosaurs.  For the most part, it's all speculation, yet they treat it as if it were fact.

You cannot possibly know something for certain unless you witness it.  You can believe something to be true, you can present a theory but to state it as fact is a fallacy.  Had that guy stated, "I believe that this is how a big foot would hunt because it makes sense for it to immobilize its prey as soon it is caught it."  Then I wouldn't have gotten so riled up.  As it is, the guy is nothing more than a Ghost Hunter wannabe.

Ghost Hunters never present themselves as all knowing about the supernatural.  They base their knowledge on the evidence they gather and they analyse it accordingly.  They are plumbers for crying out loud and they are better scientists than the so called educated scientists on the Big Foot show.

/end rant


  1. I like to watch unsolved mysteries but I will watch documentaries too with my son and I find myself thinking the same thing you was "How the Hell do they know this if no one was there"

    Liked your post! Thank You


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