Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My last summer fling......

Well I got a call today that my car will be ready by noon tomorrow and I couldn't be happier.

The son is coming over for the weekend to house sit for us while we take a little trip down to the coast for some fishing and of course some more painting in the house.

I did get a rental car so that I could run errands today, getting ready for the trip and doing something that I sometimes enjoy doing, shopping for clothes.  I bought several new outfits and a few new pair of shoes.  Happily my work attire is casual, so I didn't have to buy business attire which is a bonus.

This long weekend is my last summer fling before I re-enter the world of the employed.  I couldn't be happier, and of course my better half is practically turning cartwheels every time I mention it.  Once I get good and settled in and I know for a fact that they are going to keep me (of course they will want to, but you never know) around, I'm buying my man a new car, preferably something that will pull a boat once the kids get out of college (heh).

First on my agenda, however, is a new pistol.  I'm pretty sure that it's going to be the XDM 40 caliber.

Main thing on my mind though is hoping that the fish will be biting this weekend.  I want to catch some fish!


  1. Good news all around! Good luck with the fish!

  2. Congratulations on the new job and lucky you, it's casual dress. Mine's fairly laid back compared to some jobs I've had, but not totally casual. I wish it was!

    Hope the fish are biting for you!

    : )

  3. My job is casual, too - I love wearing jeans and a V neck t shirt to work! Enjoy the weekend, and I hope everything goes great with the new job!


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