Thursday, June 2, 2011

Natural Selection

Yet again, a baby bird has misstepped and fallen from the nest.  He's sitting in the grass in the shade, chirping for his mommy, who I hope will come and feed him.  I have, once again put the cover on the cat door so that Miss Kitty doesn't go and get herself an easy meal.

This has really gotten me thinking though.  What kind of stupid bird builds a nest on a flat surface right next to a hole in the floor?  I mean, I can understand the attraction of being indoors where it's warm and dry but the big hole in the floor next to the crib would be a deal breaker.  Of course, birds aren't the smartest creatures on the planet, there is a reason for that insult we like to toss around when we call someone 'bird brain'.  I just wonder how this particular species of birds manages to survive when it builds its nest in such dangerous places.

The animal lover in me wants to take care of the bird, but the other side of me says to leave it to nature.  If we were talking about a human baby, well of course that's a different story, however, it's a bird.  Apparently from a line of very stupid birds.  I'll leave it be and if it doesn't survive, I'll dispose of the body with its sibling.

There are several nests in the attic, but I know this one came from the same nest because he's in the same general area is the bird from the other day.


  1. Dumbest bird has to be the pheasant. They RUN to get under the truck tire.

  2. LOL.

    Well, I went outside to look around and baby wasn't there so am thinking that ma and pa retrieved him, or he's hiding somewhere else, but I couldn't find him and I looked all over the place in the yard.


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