Friday, June 3, 2011

Romney can go EFF himself..Perry too

“It’s not the model for the nation… in Massachusetts, 93 percent of people were insured,” Romney said, mentioning that fixing health insurance cannot be done nationally because of states like Texas, where Romney said 25 percent of the population is uninsured"

Yeah, and the people's republic of massachusetts is doing so well...rrrright.

This guy is John McLame II. He is a liar. He is a liberal. He is bad for this country.

Well, If he thinks he can cut us out of the herd like a quarter horse, put us in a bad light to draw attention away from his dismal record, he is underestimating the American People.

Romney reminds me A LOT of governor good hair..I mean Perry. Perry has been hinting about running for prez. I assure you, you do not want Perry for president. The only reason he has been in office so long is that the lineup of political opponents has been so dismal. Perry struts around in tight jeans and ten gallon hat down on the border when the election cycle rolls around and has not done shit about the border situation in all the time he's been in office. He is neck deep in the Trans-Texas corridor debacle. Two, and only two scenarios are possible in this situation: either his pockets were set to get heavily lined with green, or he is as big a dumbass jock as he appears.
Perry has youtube videos our there of some speeches he's given, and when you watch them you just want to go "Hell Yeah".
Those speeches are 18 carrot bullshit. Perry is like every other politician out there. He will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get re-elected, because "being governor is cool...and chicks dig me!"
One of my categories for posts is TIAC. It is an acronym from a science fiction novel. It encapsulates the concept that if you package and market something just the right way to the American People, the will buy a Turd In A Can.

Both Romney and Perry are a TIAC


  1. He's only out there because the liberal media is trying to push we conservatives into picking a losing proposition, like with McCain. Mitch Daniels is worse than Romney so thank goodness he's not running.

  2. Love the TIAC - what was that from?

  3. It was from a sci fi novel titled "Noir", the author escapes me at the moment..crap now I've got to go find the answer...I am so OCD about some things, brb

  4. And the Google queen prevails, the book is called Noir and it was written by K.W. Jeter, it was published in 1998.

  5. Oh by the way, I am very well read when it comes to novels and I've never heard of the guy, nor the book.

  6. She's never read Heinlein either, so whatevah

  7. WTF??? How do I unsubscribe?


  8. What can I say? I'm not that much into sci-fi, though I did read 25 of the worst books ever written that was sci-fi. The Author was a philosopher.

    Sci fi is better in movies than on paper.

  9. Hah! lmao, North FTW!
    of course you will have to call our 1-800 call center in India to of luck.

  10. Hello my name is Koothripali, I mean Peggy.

    Sorry Mr. North but you cannot unsubscribe from this blog regardless if Ms. Belle has read Heinlein or not..... :-)

  11. [former bookstore manager ] K.W. Jeter has written several well received sequels to Philip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" AKA Blade Runner, a favorite of North's...

    Also, Jeter is often credited as the "Father of Steampunk" - as he gets the nod for having coined the term. Mr North likes him the Steampunk. [/former bookstore manager ]

    And back to Romney - he is unelectable. His religious beliefs will be used against him, and will turn off a wide swath of religious voters. I am not worried about him. He will NOT get the nod.

  12. My view on Mitt is real simple: I'll never vote for anything or anyone from Massachusetts.



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