Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Starting out to be a great day!!!

Well, at first I was worried that it would be a sleepy day. As you know KX59 got home late last night due to a server melt down at the office. Our little dog refuses to come upstairs when one of us isn't at home safely. She waited and finally around 11 she started barking and whining, (waking me up) signaling that my hard working better half was home safe.

I soon drifted off to sleep again, nestling into a series of bizarre dreams. At about 2:30 my man made his way upstairs, hitting the creaky floor board at the top of the stairs, which of course woke me up again. I said hi to him and spoke to him for a few minutes, and had a hard time getting back to sleep.

The last time I looked at the clock it was 3:15, I think soon after that I fell asleep once more.

I got up at 6:00 this morning and it's raining right now, and raining pretty hard at that! I'm happy for the rain, although it's kind of bad for my hair since I have a job interview this morning at 9:30. It figures.

Luckily I interview with a company that apparently dresses casual because they told the headhunter to tell me 'not to dress up' (as if I'm going to wear jeans to an interview anyway). For me, not dressing up for an interview will entail my wearing slacks and blouse and heels. I need to locate my umbrella though. Once my hair gets a little wet, it curls up on me and looks a little 'wild'. Oh the complications of being a woman!


  1. Well, neighbor, good luck on the interview.

    Glad you're enjoying the rain. We got more storms last night and that meant more interior damage from the part of the roof that got torn up a couple of nights before.

    The Allstate (and other insurance) claim reps are all over our neighborhood today. . .

    Keep me posted on how the interview goes.


  2. Hi Belle-
    Your story about the SO coming upstairs late at night reminded me of a (real) ghost story.
    You'll have to remind me someday whilst we are celebrating our joint birthdays over Adult Beverages to tell you and KingsX about it.

    Creepy stuff...


  3. You're on TBG! I have some real ghost stories of my own.

  4. cool, bring it, I have a personal ghost story as no less.

  5. When I get to Dallas I'll try to take an evening off to drive south and hook up with y'all...


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